Barefoot Challenge Done!

Well, I finally completed the Merrell Barefoot Challenge. Whew! After the big mistake of jumping in without “reading the directions” and inflicting a raging case of plantar facsitis upon myself, I regrouped and researched how to transition to barefoot-style running. Out of a whole host of various programs, I chose Merrell for no particular reason. (see for yourself)

A word of caution, don’t make my mistake. Barefoot or minimalist running is completely different from traditional, supported, protected running that most of us are familiar with and requires a whole new running style. You must train into and adapt to a new skill set and body mechanics model. You must strengthen structures that have had very little use heretofore (that’s a cool word).

Wearing shoes inhibits normal foot mechanics and function causing atrophy and weakening. God made us to go barefoot, and when man invented footwear a downward spiral began, leading to a myriad of foot, ankle, knee, hip and back problems. Transitioning to barefoot style locomotion will reverse that spiral, and you can look forward to restoration of foot health and the structural integrity of your whole body. You can enjoy a future free of needless injuries and many of those bothersome conditions that seem to come from nowhere for no reason.

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