Sorry, No Magic Pill

You’re not going find the secret to health and vitality in some magic potion derived from the exoskeleton of a prehistoric crustacean found in a deep ocean cavern or in some exotic berry harvested from the rain forest canopy of Bolivia. People waste a lot of time and money searching for the one thing that’s going to make them healthy or keep themblueredpill healthy – sorry, it ain’t gonna happen. Meanwhile, MLMers and mass marketers are raking in the bucks, until the scam runs its course.

What it takes generate health is multifaceted combination of many factors pretty much familiar to most people. It’s called a healthy lifestyle. But we’d like to beat the system with some newly discovered something or other so we can get away with living however we like. Sorry again. Like King Solomon said, “there’s nothing new under the sun,” or was that Bob Dylan?

We need to get Back to Basics (hey, I like the sound of that). The Basics are good nutrition, adequate exercise, a healthy nervous system, a sound mind, and a nurturing spirit.

We’ll cover these topics one at a time, but, first we need to understand that a human being is composed of 3 basic parts. These are body, soul and spirit. These parts are inseparable and need to be considered holistically in our approach to a healthy lifestyle. A long time ago, in order to conduct human dissection, the medical profession convinced the church that body, soul and spirit were separate entities. This line of thinking continues to this day, and has sophisticated itself into the high degree of specialization that we see in modern medicine. The truth is that the body is one interdependent organism, and that the human is one interdependent being.   READ FULL ARTICLE


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