Cure For Spring Fever!

Simple Cure for Spring Fever Rediscovered

Do you find yourself obsessed with cleaning, fixing, organizing, mowing, planting, etc., etc.? Are you having difficulty napping, goofing-off, wasting time? You may be a victim of the dreaded Spring Fever!

We have the cure for you – beer! You knew all along that beer would change the world, and this is just one of the many ways.Image

Rx for Spring Fever

As soon as you feel the fever coming on Take one beer every !5 minutes until symptoms subside. And then one every hour for two to three hours, unless napping. The beer must be minimum 6% alcohol by volume; 7% or higher is optimum. If symptoms return, begin again at 15 minute intervals.

There ya’ go. It works every time and has been time tested and proven worldwide over hundreds of years.

Caution: do not drive or operate machinery while under treatment.

If you you want info regarding real health issues, visit

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