Tribulation Diet

I’ve been called to a 40 day Daniel fast.

“Daniel fast” refers to the first chapter in the book of Daniel where he requested of those that Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon had given charge over him and his three friends that they be given pulse and water instead of the king’s food and wine. Now all the new age bibles have changed “pulse” to “vegetables.” Only the KJV and ASV retain the word “pulse.” So I looked up pulse and found:
PULSE, n. [L. pulsus, beaten out, as seeds; Heb. a bean, to separate.] Leguminous plants or their seeds; the plants whose pericarp is a legume or pod, as beans, peas, &c. Also:
[OE. puls, L. puls, pultis, a thick pap or pottage made of meal, pulse, etc. See Poultice, and cf. Pousse.] Leguminous plants, or their seeds, as beans, peas, etc.

So, meal, pulse, etc. – hey, rice and beans! The Tribulation Diet.

I began this time of prayer and fasting June 21; this is day 6. The first couple of days were rough because of coffee withdrawal, but now things are great. I’ve had some amazing time with God and a few very cool revelations. I have this heightened sense of God’s hand on me and His orchestration of my life – very sweet. I’m very excited about where this is going. I know it will be extraordinary beyond what I can imagine.

Whatever happened to prayer and fasting? It seems to have been dropped out of the practices of today’s churches. It’s been taken out of the new age bibles to a great degree. In the old testament fasts were called all the time: Nineveh was delivered from destruction with a 3 day fast, battles were won with 1 day fasts, etc.; in the new testament Jesus said “When you fast don’t do as the hypocrites…” “This kind of spirit only comes out with prayer and fasting.” The devil has stolen a very powerful weapon from the people of God.

I’m excited to see what God has in store for me. I expect to get closer to Him than ever before, to see strongholds destroyed, to be purified, refined, strengthened, built up, encouraged, and to gain wisdom, knowledge and discernment. We’ll see.

I also expect to see some profound changes in my health. This type of discipline allows your body to purge all sorts of toxic junk from cells, tissues and organs. So I get a bonus: physical cleansing as well as spiritual cleansing.

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