Love Your Back

How to heart4-60Your Back!
Whether standing or sitting, slouching puts terrible stress on your neck and back.
Read in bed.
Stesses your neck and upper back.
Sleep on your stomach. Causes neck problems.
Sit on a wallet or cell phone in your back pocket. This creates imbalance/misalignment of your pelvis.
Be inactive for more than a day or two. Structural weakness sets in almost immediately.
Bend, twist and lift. This is one of the most dangerous maneuvers known to man.
Bend at the waist to pick stuff up. Bending forward unlocks the vertebrae inviting injury.
Sit for hours without a get up and stretch break.
Fall asleep on the couch. Get up and go to bed.back-adj

Get monthly checkups from your chiropractor. A small price to pay for injury prevention.
Exercise daily. It’s ok to take a day off once a week.
Sit and stand straight. Keep your back straight and your head over your shoulders.
Eat well. Your body needs good nutrition to heal and stay well.
Drink water. Your body needs a liter of good water daily to stay hydrated and function properly.
See your chiropractor at the first sign of trouble. Waiting never fixes anything and makes it worse.
Lift with your back straight and knees bent.
Correct the cause of your problem, not cover over symptoms. Your chiropractor can help.

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