Happy Feet Are Healthy Feet

Happy Feet

Are your feet happy? I wrote an earlier article on Barefoot Running in which I touched on the downside of wearing shoes and of the running and walking style inherent in a shoe-wearing culture.happyfeet1

When your feet are constrained as in shoes, your feet cannot move and your muscles, ligaments and tendons atrophy. This leads to a host of problems in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.

The feet in this photo are barefoot healthy feet – happy feet! Compare to your own feet; mine look like Flintstone feet in comparison.

I recommend a transition to barefoot or minimalist footwear and going total barefoot around the house and wherever you can manage it. If you have to wear shoes at times, be sure to also wear a quality orthoticto support and maintain proper structural relationships. You can find a decent orthotic at Costco for about $30, I can supply a custom fit orthotic for $60 or a custom made one for $250.

If you choose to go minimalist/barefoot, it’s very important to train yourself into the barefoot style. I used the Merrell Barefoot Challenge, but if you Google “barefoot training”, you’ll get lot’s of resources. Most important is the foot strike, which should be mid to fore foot, not the heel. It takes practice and time – go slowly.

Barefoot Benefits: (read entire article)

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